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Can You Really Be Arrested for Being a Protester?

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There are many demonstrations that occur in many parts of the country due to some underlying reasons. These reasons include misuse of power by the police, insecurity, and mistreatments among others. If you are thinking about attending a demonstration, there are some things that you need to understand first before you find yourself in more trouble. It will be important for you to make sure you understand the law governing protests clearly. These demonstrations enable some people to have to only opportunity to raise their voices to be assisted. Have a look at the key aspects to understand before and during demonstrations.

Protester rights are the first things you need to understand, and they are categorized into four. Being a protester, you are allowed to take photos, freedom to speech is also there, right to public forums and speak out your property. Private property is something that you should not speak about unless when you are permitted. When you start rioting with the counter-protesters is when the police should separate you. Picture taking is not restricted to anything when you are protesting. This only applies for the public property but the rules have to change when you are on private property.

You need to be well prepared when you are going to demonstrate where you suspect arrest will follow. You need to be prepared with an ID card, lawyer number when it comes to speed dial, emergency contacts and finally your daily medication. The medication needs to be labeled your name. Your lawyer will have to save you a lot when it comes to any legal requirements and their contacts are things that you don’t have to forget. If you need professional advice from the lawyer, you need to inform them of everything.

A proper understanding of the type of offense that you are dealing with is required when it comes to legal matters. Even the infraction offenses will have to put you under police custody. Misdemeanors are offenses that are slightly higher of the infractions like when you obstruct a police officer and this requires you to get to the police station also. You are attracted by jail when you commit a felony such as vandalism. When in such situations, bonds may be the way out of the police custody. Kindly visit our website to discover more the dos and don'ts of being a protester.

If you don’t believe that police are not there to violate your rights as a protester, you need to read more here to prove that in this homepage. When you are being harassed by a police officer, you need to take note of their identification to make your case stronger. It will be important for you to be involved in peaceful and lawful demonstrations to be safe and comply with the law requirements.

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